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Run your business from your phone. Don't be left behind. Thousands of other agents are using iTopAgent      

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Become more organized with this amazing comprehensive tool. We are pleased to introduce iTopAgent, a database app for the iPhone/iPad Android and Tablet that tracks your buyers, listings and business contacts, available today on the App Store and Google Playstore in January.

One time price of $14.99 (Ends February 28th, 2014), no monthly charges or fees Don't wait because future versions will have a monthly charge

Our goal is to offer an app that agents love to use. Run your real estate business from your phone. All your information is stored on the local device allowing you to use it to make calls when your reception is bad.

New features in iTopAgent HD are importing from your phone contacts and notifications from the To Do List.

Android version avaliable today

Avalaible on iTunes todayapp_store


- Data is saved on the phone, you don't have to access it from a server. This means when you don't have good reception you can still find a phone number and make a call.

- Listings, take up to five pictures from within the app.

- To Do's are entered in the either the Buyers, Listings module and you are reminded with a notification even if you are not in the app.

- Send emails directly from the app.

- Assign professional contacts to either a buyer or listing. Once you have entered all you escrow, appraisors, home inspectors, agents... into your contacts you can assign them to a buyer. This allows you to go to a buyer for example and go to the escrow tab and view all the professional contacts and click on them and it takes you to that contact where you can dial the phone number.

- Make buyers and listings inactive, this makes your lists short, you can still find them and make then active again.

- There is a quick find so you can search all your database for a name and then click on them.

- Frequent web sites. Store up to 10 web sites you frequently go to.

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